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At Artisan Digital we provide a world-class UX service. We specialise in transforming start-up and enterprise ideas into relatable & engaging online applications. As industry leaders we don’t passively push pixels, instead we pride ourselves on delivering difference-making design solutions to our clients.

Turn Your Great Idea Into A Top Tier Product

World Class Prototype Creation

Our unique industry experience has seen us operate above and beyond the typical UX skill sets. We don’t just research personas or mock out wireframes, we deliver world-class, browser tested, developer ready prototypes. Let your developers develop, we’ll take care of design.

We Operate Like CoFounders, Not an Agency

We don’t just hand over designs and wish you well. Survival online is a constant game of evolution and we’re with you every step of the way. Via monitoring systems & processors we focus on the key user issues and questions that influence your bottom line and conversions.

Raise Capital or Kick Start Development

Armed with our highly polished prototypes our network is there to get you to market as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Whether you kick-start development or raise capital we boost your chances of a successful product.

Our UX Design Process

With 10 years of industry experience we have formulated a process that works.
We understand the need to operate within rigid timeframes while delivering for key project milestones.

Step 1

Sketch out user flows for various client personas

Understanding the needs of the user is paramount when designing user flows. We take time to understand each client persona and ensure our wireframes are coupled tightly with key business drivers.

Step 2

Build Wireframe Prototype

Sketching out user flows is a great starting point, but nothing quite tells the user story like stepping through a prototype. But utilizing state of the art UX tools this phase allows us to work hand in hand with our clients to ensure any potential gaps are filled and possible enhancements explored.

Step 3

Design High Fidelity Assets

Following the completion of the prototype our design experts meticulously layer highly polished designs over wireframes. We adopt common UI patterns in combination with client style guides to inject personality with a familiar UI. What was once a wireframe prototype now resembles a fully fledged product ready for stakeholder demonstrations. This is a thrilling phase of the project for our clients where an initial idea starts breathing life.

Step 4

Develop Web Application Repository

This is where Artisan stand alone in UX prototyping. From our time in the industry we have found a significant quality gap between handing over design files for development and the final commercial product. Born out of pure frustration we took it upon ourselves to start building out web prototypes to ensure the integrity of our designs were kept. Our prototype repositories are developer ready and supplied with full build notes and component demonstrations. Let designers design and developers develop.

Why you need us

Artisan Digital have over a decades experience in the UX design space working with both local and large global companies on high volume, transactional applications. Our exclusively Australian-based team of UX experts operate as a complimentary design arm to;

Development teams struggling with clunky, bootstrap forged applications that require a first-class user interface.

Startup companies and industry innovators trying to turn new ideas into highly polished, demonstrable prototypes and pitch decks.

Product owners who are looking to transform their tired, unrelatable applications into highly engaging, high-retention experiences.

Companies that are struggling to innovate or evolve due to busy day to day operations and require an external incubator to form disruptive products and features.

Our Partners

Stride Solutions

Melbourne based developer of bespoke software solutions for leading Australian and international brands


See what others in the tech industry are saying about us

“In 2014 we engaged Artisan to bring our apps’ design to the next level. Drawing upon their extensive experience with high-volume transactional apps Artisan delivered a modern and efficient user interface which significantly enhanced our user’s experience. We have worked closely with Artisan over the past 4 years to continue to evolve this successful industry-leading app.”

Lachlan McKerrow - Product Owner (Apps)

“We approached Artisan to transform our outdated branding, and create something for our strategic push via online and offline advertising. Once the branding was set they continued to show initiative while being mindful of the new look and feel for different mediums. With unpredictable spot wins and promotional messaging we can rely on the design team to turn around exceptional creative with almost no lead time.”

Natasha Harvey-Baron - Executive Manager
NT Keno

“Artisan Digital were an integral part of taking the Sportchamps idea and transforming it into an industry-first product. Not only did they bring industry knowledge and insightful UX direction, they also worked with us on conceptualising the product itself.”

Alan Eskander - Founder, CEO

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