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Sportchamps approached Artisan to design a desktop website and mobile native apps on their industry-first social wagering platform back in 2016.

As a startup Sportchamps were looking to disrupt the current punting experience with a fresh approach focussed on social engagement and sports entertainment.

Our Approach

Artisan played a key role in not only sculpting the UX experience, but also the product itself. By utilising traditional wagering UI elements with pool-based leaderboards the project ran the risk of being overly complex. By defining and understanding the key personas targeted by Sportchamps our UX team were able to remove the complexity and deliver a highly functional yet intuitive product.

Artisan are still playing a key role in defining and extending the Sportchamps experience. It is only early days but we are uniquely placed to offer more than UX expertise, we can also shape the product itself. Online startups need every advantage they can get to be successful and Artisan provide a value-add beyond pure UX design.

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