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High-profile AFL & AFLW players saw the impact of COVID-19 on junior football in 2020 and were inspired to create an elite training platform that can be used anytime anywhere. They created Ball Magnets.

The Ball Magnets app allows kids to learn from the best in the business via scheduled weekly sessions & challenges. The Ball Magnets consist of Tom Mitchell, Patrick Cripps, Lachie Neil, Matt Rowell, Lauren Phillips & Toby Greene.

Our Approach

With such high-profile talent providing high-quality content we needed to determine the best approach to acquire, retain and engage the user. The Ball Magnets team had settled on a subscription revenue model with weekly scheduled sessions. With extensive experience in user retention Artisan were able to suggest methods to ensure users were encouraged to complete the scheduled sessions. Via strategic notifications, session history & gamification users are rewarded with positive feedback and performance metrics after sessions.

Artisan also recommended skill challenges with the Ball Magnets team as a fun and entertaining way to increase engagement with their user-base. Ball Magnets upload a difficult skill and challenge their users to replicate the skill. Users are encouraged to record and share their execution of the challenge to social media and tag the Ball Magnets crew. By sharing their content to social media the Ball Magnets allowed their users to further advertise their brand and provide entertaining content for other aspiring footballers.

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